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Booting From Flash Drives

BIOS - Basic Input/Output System The de facto standard firmware used to configure and boot IBM compatible PCs and servers.
Unified Extensible Firmware Interface - UEFI UEFI will eventually replace BIOS. Already in use on Apple Macs and many Intel motherboards.

Partitioning Flash Drives

Disk Partitioning Overview Wikipedia provides an excellent overview of general partitioning concerns across many systems.
GNU parted A partitioning utility from the GNU projects.
fdisk utilities Many general purpose operating systems have a command line utility named fdisk for partitioning drives and managing the MBR.
GPT fdisk Tutorial Roderick Smith provides an in depth tutorial of his gdisk partitioning tool for GPT.
The web site also addresses the features of GPT, how it can replace MBR and work with UEFI instead of BIOS.

Boot Loaders

GNU GRUB GRand Unified Bootloader. Most commonly used to boot Linux from non-removable, rotating media on BIOS based systems.
SYSLINUX and friends A suite of BIOS compatible boot loaders for various media, including CDROM, DVD, Diskette.
LILO Generic, BIOS compatible boot loader. LiLo was very popular before being usurped by GRUB.
rEFIt EFI and GPT compatible boot loader. Works with Intel Macs and presumably newer Motherboards that support EFI.

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