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Reinstalling my HP ENVY 23 to factory mode

The last installation of build 1136 from Microsoft my computer looses control as soon as I enter my password. The screen turns blue and flashes indefenitly.
I ran all the test memory and disk wich are OK. I tried to reboot by checking the icon buttons but the message "there is no admin password on on this computer and my request fails. Do you have any suggestion to solve the lack of Administrator password?

Asus x401u bios error?

Laptop won't get past aptio bios utility (?) I was told I might need to update the bios, or update bios, or i had a bad hard drive or motherboard. When i boot it sometimes it will go to the login screen after the asus screen but then freezes before loading, flashes a blue screen that i cant makeout and then restarts to the bios utility. In there it won't let me do much. I tried easy flash (?) but it some weird error code. Really frustrated, not sure where to even start, any help much appreciated!!!!

Moved to Forum

Hi Tyson Virginia,

I reposted your question in the computer repair forum.

Asus x401u bios error?.

Please check there for any updates or replies.



ASUS laptop doesn't have booting options

I own an AR5B125 laptop that doesn't have an option to boot up from my CD or anywhere for that matter. How do I enable this from BIOS??

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